Introducing The Artist

ZoUnique Abstracts was established in 2010 by the beautiful and creative visual artist, Zee (Zaneta). She continues to commit her company to providing the best creative artistic atmosphere.

Zaneta is an abstract artist whose work is inspired by her deepest emotions; mind, heart, and spirit. Art has always been her passion. Starting from her childhood days of visiting “The High Museum of Arts” in her hometown of Atlanta. She displays her passion for the Arts through painting, which she considers the forefront of her life.

“Every artist dips their paint brush into their soul and captures the essence on their canvas. I am blessed to be able to share my God given talents and love of the craft with the world. My paintings are a way of sharing a bit of myself with you,” says Zaneta.


“Serpentine Fire” 24”x36”

“Soul of a Woman” 18”x24” SOLD

“Brighter Day” 24”x36”